Sep 28 2021

Tailored finance solutions available for Alimak clients worldwide

Alimak’s range of products from construction hoists to industrial elevators, are a worthy investment renowned for robust and high-quality manufacturing. Upon selection of the ideal product for your specific site needs, Alimak’s sales team can discuss a range of various finance options designed to provide flexibility when investing in Alimak products.


Alimak offers rental options for Alimak construction products in various countries, including France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia. For other locations, Alimak also has a range of third-party leasing partners.

The option of renting equipment best suits customers requiring a configurable product for temporary use, such as on a construction site, as most rental options cover the base range of products.

Export Finance

Alimak can assist with Export Finance, a cash flow solution that can help customers to pay for the product after shipment through a funding advance from a Financier. Alimak can support this process by offering discounted Bills of Exchange or Promissory Notes. Alimak can also strengthen this process by utilising guarantees issued by EKN, the Swedish Export Credit Agency, on purchases using Export Finance. 

Trade Finance

Another finance option is that of Trade Finance, which makes international commerce easier and reduces the risk to the customer. Trade Finance may more specifically refer to Insurances and Letters of Credit. The latter is the most accessible and straightforward financing product Alimak offers, ideal for reducing risk as payment will only be required when the product is received instead of before shipping. Furthermore, to assist with financing, the Letter of Credit can contain an embedded amortisation plan in which the customer will receive longer payment terms.

The offering of various finance solutions presents excellent benefits for Alimak customers. The options available aim to simplify the purchasing process with no requirement for seeking third-party financing, simple documentation, and the opportunity for tailoring to their individual needs and recourses. 

Get in touch with our sales team to discuss the finance option that’s right for your project.