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The transport of crucial personnel is often an essential requirement within industrial settings, from power and chemical plants to warehouses and shipyards. Ongoing maintenance throughout daily operations is a constant priority to ensure optimal productivity levels and, more importantly, the highest possible standards of safety in a potentially hazardous environment. Periods of shutdown also call for the reliable and efficient transport of specialist team members and equipment for key inspection and monitoring tasks.

Alimak is renowned the world over as the innovator of hard-wearing technology in vertical access solutions designed to deal with the demands of harsh environments. Alimak’s TR range of elevators is built on traction technology to withstand the challenging conditions of industrial locations. This elevator presents an attractive option where the transport of passengers is a high use priority.

Traction-based elevator technology is often preferred for superior ride comfort and minimal noise during operation. Traction elevators are commonly found in everyday commercial and residential settings. The Alimak TR range of products goes well beyond the build quality and durability of standard traction elevators to deliver these benefits combined with the rugged capability necessary for use in the varying industrial settings.

The TR range is constructed primarily from stainless steel or painted steel with strengthened aluminium flooring and surface coating to guard against corrosion, contributing to the highly robust design and durability. Where required, doors can also be fire rated as an option.

The design of the TR range also allows for the flexibility required in industrial applications. The expert Alimak team routinely configure vertical access solutions from the TR range to meet the specific needs of each installation with a wide range of car sizes, capacities and door configurations to draw from. The space available in operations is often a challenging factor. The TR range can be deployed with the option of machine roomless function or the machine room located on top of the elevator itself. In addition, larger car sizes for efficient transport can be combined with standard shaft sizes and tailored designs which intelligently utilise the space available.

The Alimak TR range brings smooth operation and comfort to a rugged design suitable for many industry applications, with speeds of up to 90 m/minute and capacity up to 5,000kg, contributing to improved productivity.

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Alimak’s range of products from construction hoists to industrial elevators, are a worthy investment renowned for robust and high-quality manufacturing. Upon selection of the ideal product for your specific site needs, Alimak’s sales team can discuss a range of various finance options designed to provide flexibility when investing in Alimak products.


Alimak offers rental options for Alimak construction products in various countries, including France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia. For other locations, Alimak also has a range of third-party leasing partners.

The option of renting equipment best suits customers requiring a configurable product for temporary use, such as on a construction site, as most rental options cover the base range of products.

Export Finance

Alimak can assist with Export Finance, a cash flow solution that can help customers to pay for the product after shipment through a funding advance from a Financier. Alimak can support this process by offering discounted Bills of Exchange or Promissory Notes. Alimak can also strengthen this process by utilising guarantees issued by EKN, the Swedish Export Credit Agency, on purchases using Export Finance. 

Trade Finance

Another finance option is that of Trade Finance, which makes international commerce easier and reduces the risk to the customer. Trade Finance may more specifically refer to Insurances and Letters of Credit. The latter is the most accessible and straightforward financing product Alimak offers, ideal for reducing risk as payment will only be required when the product is received instead of before shipping. Furthermore, to assist with financing, the Letter of Credit can contain an embedded amortisation plan in which the customer will receive longer payment terms.

The offering of various finance solutions presents excellent benefits for Alimak customers. The options available aim to simplify the purchasing process with no requirement for seeking third-party financing, simple documentation, and the opportunity for tailoring to their individual needs and recourses. 

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Since the introduction of the first rack and pinion elevator more than 70 years ago, Alimak has pioneered the vertical access industry delivering far-reaching access solutions designed to meet the specific needs of a range of industries.

Alimak industrial elevators are built on tried and tested rack and pinion technology to ensure the safe and prompt transportation of passengers and materials in even the most challenging environments. 

Deployed on thousands of sites around the world, Alimak industrial elevators enhance the productivity and efficiency of daily operations in a number of industrial facilities:

Bridges and Tunnels

Bridges and tunnels often require flexible vertical access solutions capable of operating in restricted spaces to transport passengers and tools practically and efficiently. An Alimak industrial elevator provides an ideal solution to create access to bridge pylons and underground tunnels for service and maintenance. Without the need for a machine room or shaft, the Alimak industrial elevator operates in tight spaces and has the capability to adapt to the curves and inclines of a bridge’s architecture. Typical applications include bridge pylons, road, rail and metro tunnel shafts.

Cement Plants

Designed to operate at peak performance in challenging environments, Alimak industrial elevators provide efficient vertical access in dusty, humid and hot conditions common in cement plants using a rack and pinion elevator design. Typical applications include silos, filter chambers, wet scrubbers, mills, preheaters and stack calciners.

Chemical Plants

Created with the continuous and often erratic flow of chemical plant operations in mind, Alimak industrial elevators are the ideal vertical access solution. The robust design of the Alimak industrial elevator allows it to withstand tough conditions such as abrasive atmospheres. Many models are also equipped with in-car fans, auto-alarms and sensors designed to preserve the safety of operators. 

Food and Beverage Plants

Food and beverage plants require a vertical access solution capable of operating in tight indoor spaces to enable maximum productivity. Alimak industrial elevators are a vital tool in providing access for the transportation of goods and materials around food and beverage plants, and facilitating fast servicing and maintenance on essential manufacturing equipment. Food and beverage plants can enjoy higher levels of safety as forklift use and the risk of injury from manual handling are reduced. 

Grain Facilities

Alimak provides a range of elevators including small 2-3 person and 25+ person capacity elevators to meet the specific needs of the various parts of a grain facility. An Alimak industrial elevator can also be utilised to transport tools and materials in all weather conditions or installed inside to provide step-on, step-off access where needed. Alimak elevators can also be safely lowered to the ground in the event of a power outage. Alimak elevators can be found in grain handling and loading facilities around the world.

Metal and Steel Industries

Quick access to the essential parts of a steel mill for servicing and maintenance is vital in reducing equipment downtime in an industry where continual operations are necessary for productivity. Alimak works with leading manufacturers and engineering, procurement and construction entities to create high-performing technical vertical access solutions designed to facilitate optimal productivity in metal and steel industries.


Put to use in a range of applications at mines, smelters, processing plants and concentrators, an industrial elevator can safely and efficiently transport the tools, materials and goods necessary for daily mining operations while creating access around sites for servicing and maintenance. An Alimak industrial elevator increases the safety of both underground and aboveground operations by providing prompt emergency access and removing the need for workers to climb stairs. 

Oil and Gas industry

With models of both traction and rack and pinion elevators available, Alimak is able to meet the needs of any application within the oil and gas industry both upstream and downstream. Often found on semi-submersible rigs, drillships, swamp barges, oil refineries and gas processing plants, Alimak industrial and marine elevators withstand heat, strong winds, abrasive and humid environments to provide access and keep operations going. Alimak has also introduced the pioneering explosion proof elevator for those working in volatile oil and gas facility environments. 

Ports and Shipyards

Alimak elevators increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and foster safe environments on ports and shipyards by transporting passengers to the top of a crane in just two minutes, removing the need for workers to climb ladders for maintenance and inspections. Studies have even shown that Alimak elevators can reduce crane downtime and maintenance by 25%. Alimak crane elevators are ideal for applications such as ship to shore cranes, ship unloaders, goliath cranes, silos, dry docks and rail-mounted gantry cranes.


Engineered to operate at peak performance for long periods of time, Alimak industrial elevators are ideal for power plant applications, renowned for their durability and return on investment. Often found in gas-fired, coal-fired, and nuclear facilities, Alimak elevators transport passengers and materials while reducing operating costs.

Pulp and Paper

Where large loading capacities are required for pulp and paper plant operations, Alimak industrial elevators provide the ideal solution for the vertical transportation of passengers, goods and materials. With payloads ranging from 300 – 7000kg, Alimak elevators can be installed permanently on digesters, valves, bleach towers, motors, thermometers and digesters. 


The range of warehouse lifts available from Alimak is ideal for operation in restricted spaces to transport passengers and goods to various levels of a site. The self-supporting design of the warehouse lift eliminates the need for a machine room and shaft reducing the costs and restrictions associated with installation, allowing warehouse staff to get the most from their Alimak lift. 

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